Ah, Valentine’s Day, the time of year when it seems love is on full display all around us. The only day in February when it seems the air is a little mistier, the birds a little more chirpy, the stars a bit brighter and the moon a bit rounder, all setting the scenery for romance. It’s no wonder it can feel like such a sting for those of us who are single. It can feel like a drag just going to the store, because everywhere you look is cascaded in pinks, reds and whites with roses and chocolate to match. It’s hard sometimes to face this season of love, and saying that we aren’t affected, even in the slightest ways is a bit of denial. Am I right?

But what can we do when love is in the air and we feel as though we’ve been waiting to be loved?

We can turn our eyes to the One who’s never less than displayed His love for us. We can rest our wearied hearts in the truth of God’s love for us: His unconditional, immeasurable love that has been lavished on us as His daughters. Oh, how He loves us. We don’t have to feel like we’re waiting for someone to love us, because someone already does. And He has displayed that love so profoundly when He sent Jesus, His Son, to die for us on the cross, so that we could be reconciled in relationship with Him. God loves us, and when you realize that you are His daughter, His beloved, then you will begin to find peace in the truth, that you are included in the greatest love story ever written. You have a God who delights in you, is pleased with you and sings over you. Surely, that outweighs teddy bears and chocolates.

Let your heart find rest this love season in the wonderful truth that you don’t have to wait to be loved, because you are already loved by God, the Source of love.


Written By: Susan Allen
You can contact Susan Allen through Twitter @SusanAllen35
or Instagram: SusanAllen06

Written by Deborah Rodriguez

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