If you are anything like me (and by that I mean twenty-five, single, and awesome), then
you’ve probably spent more than a few moments of any given day thinking back to
those days when you “used to.”

Did I confuse you there?

Oh, come on, now…you know what I mean.

Remember when you use to date that guy who always brought you flowers, but that was only because he was trying to make up for treating you poorly? Remember when you were an athlete back in the day and were living for the glory of your teammates and yourself? Remember when you had that other job with the boss who always let you leave early, but also made you extremely uncomfortable with his comments?

Okay, so you’re with me now? Great, I knew you would catch on!

Whichever situation you might be in, we’ve all had those moments where we’re listening to that song that takes us back to that moment in time that we refer to as “the good ole days.” Those days our grandparents always talk about.

I don’t know about you, but why does it always seem like those days seem good when we look back at them? If I think long and hard about those days, they were actually really painful and led to some intense learning situations that probably could have been avoided had I leaned more on God and less on myself. The truth that Ecclesiastes 7:10 brought me this morning really hit home with this idea. This verse says “not to long for the good ole days, because this is not wise.” God reminds us that it is so easy for our minds to think back on something and recreate the moment to our own fancy rather than in the way it actually happened; however, God does not want us to look back and lust over the good ole days. Actually, He really tells us that this is a sin and wants to protect us from the false situations we tend to manifest in our minds that take us away from the present joy He is trying to show us.

Before you get caught up in the beauty of a song from the past or in the thoughts of longing for that “feeling of love” we thought we had with that boy, remember this verse from Ecclesiastes. Remember that God has brought us into this very moment to prosper us and give us hope and a future (as told in Jeremiah 29). If we continue to look back on what seems to be something that was good in our lives, we will actually miss the good He has prepared for us now in this moment. So, hear me loud and proud, my sweet friend. Take hold of the moment. Wash those memories away. God gave those to you to learn from, not to lust after. Relish in this moment; He has crafted it JUST. FOR. YOU.

Written By: Chelsea Jones
You can contact her on Instagram: ChelseaJones13
Twitter: @Chelseaj08
Or Facebook: Facebook.com/chelsea.jones.9887

Written by Deborah Rodriguez

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