No one wants to go through pain.
No one enjoys suffering.
However, many times in order for growth to happen, some pain will occur. Just like a mother who went through labor pains to give birth to her beautiful child. At first it hurts, but the joy of seeing her little infant was worth it.
God is healing you through the process and there’s times you don’t even know it. Whether you are in physical or emotional pain seek help and comfort from God, who is our Almighty Healer. Find encouragement from His Word and keep your mind on Him. He knows what you’re going through and He will help you. The storm doesn’t last forever.
You may have pain now, but you will come out stronger, wiser, and victorious! There is a purpose even in the pain.
2 Corinthians 4:16-18
“That’s why we are not discouraged. No, even if outwardly we are wearing out, inwardly we are being renewed each and every day. This light, temporary nature of our suffering is producing for us an everlasting weight of glory, far beyond any comparison, because we do not look for things that can be seen but for things that cannot be seen. For things that can be seen are temporary, but things that cannot be seen are eternal.”
Romans 8:17-18
“And since we are his children, we are his heirs. In fact, together with Christ we are heirs of God’s glory. But if we are to share his glory, we must also share his suffering. Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.”
God bless you.
Deborah, True Beauty Ministries

Written by Deborah Rodriguez


Angie R.

This blessed me so much today. I’ve been going through a situation that has brought such immense pain. When I pray I know God is letting me know that everything will be ok and that there is a purpose behind it all. I’m typing this with tears in my eyes.

Thank you & thank you Jesus!

Michelle Madril

This was truly a blessing for me. With everything I am going through right now. I know God is with me even though I don't see it yet. He is working everything out for my good. God forgive me for my lack of faith.


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