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becky Williams

Thanku this site is great. I feel god guided me to ur site to encourage me at a difficult time. Which it has so thanku and god bless
God has plans to prosper you πŸ˜‰


So glad the Lord led you to this website and that it has helped you. God bless you and thanks for visiting. πŸ™‚

Lmarie Aviles-Latorre

I'm new. But I so totally enjoy reading every affirmation every powerful reminder. They're all there exactly when I need to hear that word for me. Esp since I battle w lupus fibromyalgia and brain seizures. My days are never easy and all these meds. It's just too much. But I silently endure because in faith I truly believe My ABBA will heal me. I was born for a purpose regardless of theses ailments. So now my prayer is to find out just what I was created for. I also have an autistic 4 yr old grandson and I ask for prayer for him and my unsaved family. I'm sorry for saying so much but I needed to. Thank you again for being there just at the right time when I need to here a Word from our Lord. Thank you. Lisa.

Deborah Rodriguez

No don't worry, you didn't say too much. I will be keeping you in prayer, your grandson, and family also. Thank you for visiitng and I am blessed to know this site has ben a source of encouragment to you. God bless you <3

Funmi Otuyelu Rivers

Its such a huge blessing merely reading the FB Post and the Pictures that are not only beautiful but drives home the message of Christ.i just joined. I am Looking forward to a more beautiful relationship that strengthens ones faith in God.
Thanks Sis.

Brenda Fisher

Beautiful. ..just Because it’s Jesus working through you …using you to help inspire others in times like these. …God Bless you always my sister ..Happy to share ..and hear the words of wisdom from your heart to ours …thank you Jesus. …


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